5 Google Interesting Search tricks

As we all know internet is the main part of our life style.
If we want any information about anything we searched on internet for this task Google help us lot for find anything on internet.

Some time we use Google for checking our internet connection is working or not

LOL !!! Smiley

SO TODAY I will share you 5 Google Related interesting tricksWhich give you New experience of searching ….


Google Gothic is seems like “Halloween night” in this you search on google in black background.

 interesting. Try once

Link :- Click here

2.       GOOGLE LOGO

When you see Google home page .  You also wish this type of home page. So today
Try your name home page with Google logo. In this Google look like home page create by your name. keep Googling
Link :- Click Here

 Try Under water search Experience with Google under water. You can also use many option
In this by clicking above icons when you visit this Website.

Link :- Click Here


OMG!!!  Google fallen down!!!  Relax guys… it’s only an interesting search experience with google gravity

                                    Link :- Click Here

5.       BARREL ROOL

Type in google Do a Barrel roll and open first result or click on above link to see the barrel roll
I know my Indian Friends say “Shakti… Shakti… Shakti…maan” after see this.

Link :- Click Here

Hope you all like this small but interesting tricks which give you interesting search experience
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