After free Internet now JIO Mobile will be free

JIO Phone will be free

Afternoon Folks! After free Internet now JIO Mobile will be free.The 40th Annual General Meeting of Reliance Industries Limited is going on at Mumbai today. During this, the company chairman Mukesh Ambani told about the 40-year journey of Reliance. As expected, the company has launched a JIO Phone and claimed that it is the world’s cheapest Intelligent 4G Phone. We have conveyed live information about this event to you. If you missed it, you can find out what happened in this event by the updates given below.

Live Updates- Mukesh Ambani’s Speech Live (Highlights)

– Fixed line broadband is the next step to live.
– Geo Phone will ‘finish’ the 2G feature phone.
– 5 million live phones will be made available every month.
– All the live phones will be Made in India.
– Pre-booking customers will get the call soon
– Live phone user testing will be available from August 15. Pre-booking will be done from August 24.
– India will be rolling up the rolls in India’s connectivity.
– The phone is free, but you will have to pay 1500 rupees for it. After 3 years, the phone can be withdrawn and Rs 1500 can be withdrawn.
– The company has priced it 0 rupees. Geo customers will get this free. To save it from Miss Use, Rs 1500 will be refundable.
– What will be the cost of live phone?
-24 and 54 rupees and a two-day plan was launched. Weekly plan for Rs 24 for two days and Rs 54
– All the content of the Geo Phone will be visible in the big screen, for which Geo has announced a special kind of TV cable.
-Jeo phone can be connected to any TV, even if not smart TV
– Dhan Dhan Dhan plan live phone only in Rs 153
– Unlimited data will be available at Rs 153 / – This phone also offers free voice calls

Ambani announced Digital Freedom for all feature phones from August 15

– Voice will always be free on the phone
– Live phone tariff and price.
– It has been provided with security payment features.
– This phone will be given NFC Tech in the coming time. It will be connected to the bank. Payments can also be made from this.
– Akash Ambani is talking about the mind in this phone.
– Panic alert can be activated by pressing number 5
– The speaker is more powerful than the other smartphone
– Any music can listen to Geo Music. At present Vande Mataram is being narrated.
– Will work on voice commands, phone, i.e. you can use it without pressing the keyboard.
– Supporting 21 languages, this cheaper 4G phone can offer voice commands in addition to the keyboard.
– Mukesh Ambani’s son Akash Ambani and daughter Isha Ambani are launching live phones.
– Akash Ambani will tell you about the phone.
– Made in India will be the cheapest 4G feature phone.
– Entry level smartphones cost Rs 3 to 4000
– Feature phone users have to pay for calling. Smartphone customers have to pay less for calling

After free Internet now JIO Mobile will be free
After free Internet now JIO Mobile will be free

By September, there will be 10 thousand geo-offices across the country. We will partner with all major e-commerce platforms

– Geo has created the largest 4G network in just 3 years
– will be more than 2G coverage because of Geo 4g coverage in the country
– Geo coverage will soon be 99.9% across the country
– Geo network is growing steadily across the country
– In the speed test of TRAI, Geo has been at the top for the past few months.
– Live data is a strong network designed for faster speeds and data coverage.
– Now the cheapest 4G mobile announcement

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There are 78 million mobile users in India. It has 55 million feature phones, which do not get the smartphone facility.

– Particularly paid for Prime Members
– Most people have recharged 309 rupees.
– Now Geo has more than 100 million customers who give money.

Most people have come in free-to-paid service.

– Geo’s first mobile broadband is 155 and now India is number one in mobile data consumption.
– India left the US and China in mobile data usage
– 125 million GB of data every month users just use. Geo customers see videos every month 165 million hours.

– In just six months, the consumption of data exceeds 20 million GB.
– Thanked to PM Modi’s Digital India Vision
– 250 million minutes of voice and video calls every day.

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Ambani is talking about LTE and voice calls

– This world has fastest adaption worldwide, in this case, Facebook and WhatsApp left behind.
– Average Geo Gets 7 Seconds of Every Seconds
– We are sure that the targets which were fixed for Geo
– Mukesh Ambani is talking about live now
– In this AGM, Mukesh Ambani’s mother, Nightingale Ben is also present.

After free Internet now JIO Mobile will be free
After free Internet now JIO Mobile will be free

In the year 1977, the value of shares of 100 rupees has become almost 16 lakhs.

– 10 thousand times increase in business in 40 years
– How are the startups that have been continuously increased since startup?
– Total Asset rose from 37 crores to 7 thousand crores
– Mukesh Ambani is talking about Reliance

During this, the company’s Managing Director and Chairman Mukesh Ambani will give a speech. Ambani can make big announcements for the Geo customers in this AGM. Apart from this, he also got the achievements of the year’s achievements.

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