How to change window “WELCOME” Message to your own text

Hello ITKians Sometime when you logon your Computer its always greet you with the message “WELCOME” Is your ever think about to change the Welcome message to your own Name…

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hide Folderwith DOS

Hides File or Folder With DOS (Very Secure way to hide your file)

Now day we save many of our personal things in computer Like photos, videos etc.  We don’t willing to share some thing With parents or anyone else Today I will…

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How to remote shutdown a computer in your NETWORK

  Hello ITK’nsIn today article i will teach you how to remote shutdown a computer in your NETWORK1. First of all open CMDसबसे पहले cmd खोले।2. When Command Prompt open Type…

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How to fix “this window is not genuine” message with a small command

 अगर आपका कंप्यूटर this window is not genuine का मैसेज दे तो उसे किस तरह ठीक करे बिना software की मदत से, आसान से स्टेप के साथ  search पे जा…

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How To Create Another User Account In computer

1. Firstly open Control Panelसबसे पहले कंट्रोल पन्नेल खोलिए   2. Now Open User accounts and family security अब खोले यूजर अकाउंट एंड फैमिली सिक्योरिटी    3. Now open User…

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