Check the Oracle Database Uptime

Hello ITKians From today we start a new chapter from our blog that is DBMS

From today we post about small DB query that any DBMS administrator want to know 

lets start with Check your DBMS up time with this simple query

Copy Query From  —–>  Here

First Go to SQL PLUS >> 

When you want to check start up time of oracle database instance so you need to run following Query direct any SQL tool like Toad,SQL Developer ,iSQL*Plus etc.

  1. select NAME “DB_NAME”,INSTANCE_NAME “INSTANCE”,OPEN_MODE “MODE”,STATUS,DATABASE_ROLE “ROLE”,HOST_NAME “HOST”, to_char(STARTUP_TIME,’MON/DD/YYYY hh24:mi:ss’)startup_time from gv$database NATURAL JOIN gv$instance; 

For example i run this query on my isql*plus data base . look at below image

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