Formula for Capital, Lower and Proper case in Excel and Word

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Hello friends 🙂 

MS Excel and Word are world most popular tool for working in office or at college or anywhere.

Some time you write any sentence after completing it you want to it in all capital or all lower case. if you do not know the formula you would rewright the whole sentence but if you know the formula or keys it only 10 second work.

So today i am telling you the Three formula which help you for this type of cases.


1. Upper (for Capital the whole sentence or word)
2. Lower (for Lower the whole sentence or word)
3. Proper (for Proper case the whole sentence or word)

How to use this formula:-

Test The Formula in below sheet Pointing Down



Shortcut keys For Upper Lower and Proper-case in Word press Shift+F3 after select the text. This key combination also used in MS Outlook.

Let watch this vedio for more clarification and Subscribe IT KEEDA