Hides File or Folder With DOS (Very Secure way to hide your file)

hide Folderwith DOS
Now day we save many of our personal things in computer
Like photos, videos etc.  We don’t willing to share some thing
With parents or anyone else

Today I will teach this trick that help you to Hide your
Personal content with DOS

Because now a days mostly everyone knows How to show hidden folders in PC.

Follow the Steps To hide folder using DOS

  • Open DOS (command prompt)

  • Go to that drive where from you wish to hide folder or file. or Open the  drive in which you wish to hide your folder, Press “SHIFT and Right Click” on any where on screen, there is an option “Open Command Window here” Click on it for open DOS in their location

  • Write this command without quote, Here i use “TEST” folder to show you. Command “attrib folder name +h +s +r
  • The folder disappear from the location. Yippee !!! No body can view that folder even after enable “Show hidden file” option.
  • If you want Unhide that folder use this command attrib folder name -h -s -r” in the same location

Thing to know about Attrib command

Parameters of attrib command

+r : Used to set the file attribute as read-only.

-r : Used to clear the read-only file attribute.

+a : Used to set the file attribute as archive.

-a : Used to clear the archive file attribute.

+s : Used to set the file attribute as a system file.

-s : Used to clear the system file attribute.

+h : Used to make the file attribute as hidden not visible to the user.

-h : Used to clear the hidden file attribute.

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