How Listen to YouTube audio on Android with your screen turned off to save battery life

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Today i will tell you how to listen YouTube audio when your mobile screen is turned off

Sometime you want to use YouTube for listening music and don’t want to screen alive of your android phone which cause your battery down

Unfortunately, YouTube’s Android app keeps the screen on while it plays videos, and chews through your battery in the process. Locking your device pauses playback. So how do you keep the music — and the good times — going without running out of power?

Download this application for keep listening your
music while your screen is turned off

Grab Black Screen of Life, a free ad-supported app that turns off your screen when your proximity sensor (located on the front of your device, usually near the top speaker) is blocked. It’s not pretty, but it gets the job done.

Launch and activate it, then fire up a YouTube playlist and put your phone in your pocket or lay it face down, and voilà! Instant battery-efficient aural pleasure.

Of course, YouTube Music Key subscribers already enjoy this feature on Android, but the service is only available to Google Play Music All Access who signed up for the beta program.

This method is safe, easy and doesn’t require root access. If you’re looking to kick out the jams and all your favorite tracks are on YouTube, this is a great way to get the party started. It’s also perfect for catching up on lectures and tutorials while relaxing or running errands.

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