How to Change Any window user password Without knowing old password

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In today’s Article i am telling to you How change any window user password without knowing it…

Do following steps.

1. Right Click on “MY COMPUTER” and click on “MANAGE” 


2. Now Go to “LOCAL USERS AND GROUPS” –> “USERS” then select the user which you want to change the password. For example i create a user “TEST”. do same as shown in image. Select the desire user and right click on it the click on “SET PASSWORD” after clicking on it show a message click on “PROCEED”
3. Now a small pop up window will appear in which you set password without input the old password. Change the password as per your wish.. Bingo !!!! ☺
Note:- You need “ADMINISTRATOR” privilege for this task

above screen shots Take from Window 10. Trick applicable on all windows

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