How to Deny/Acces all permissions of a folder with command prompt (DOS)

Now day we save many of our personal things in computer
Like photos, videos etc.  We don’t willing to share some thing
With parents or anyone else

Today I will teach this trick that help you to protect your
Personal content

Because now a days mostly everyone knows How to show hidden folders in PC.
Learn How to deny all permissions of a folder.
Step 1: Open Windows Command Prompt.

Step 2: Change directory to target folder.
 (If target folder is at Desktop, type cd Desktop)
Step 3: type cacls folder_name /e /p everyone:n
Congratulations…!!! Huge Thumbs Up
All permissions of that folder has been denied.
Here I am giving an example.
There is a folder in G: drive named “TEST”.

Open command prompt and type G: to change directory to G drive.
 Now type cacls Personal /e /p everyone:n
 You will get a command- processed dir: E:TEST

 Now click on TEST folder.

We get a popup saying you don’t currently have permission to access this folder.
Now you can’t open this folder, can’t delete/copy/move/rename.
If you click on continue.
Now what? Surely your parents will click on close. (I assume they don’t know how to change permissions of a folder).

Huge Thumbs Up

Your content in this folder is safe now.
Step 4: How to gain permissions again.
This time type cacls Personal /e /p everyone:f

Now you have got all permissions of this folder. You can open this folder (when no one is at home :p)
Understand these commands-
cd- Change Directory
cacls- Change Access Control Lists
/e- edit
/p- permissions
everyone- every user


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