How to Deny/Acces all permissions of a folder with command prompt (DOS)

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Now day we save many of our personal things in computer Like photos, videos etc.  We don’t willing to share some thing With parents or anyone else
Today I will teach this trick that help you to protect your
Personal content
Because now a days mostly everyone knows How to show hidden folders in PC.
Learn How to deny all permissions of a folder.
Step 1: Open Windows Command Prompt.
Step 2: Change directory to target folder.
 (If target folder is at Desktop, type cd Desktop)
Step 3: type cacls folder_name /e /p everyone:n
Congratulations…!!! Huge Thumbs Up
All permissions of that folder has been denied.
Here I am giving an example.
There is a folder in G: drive named “TEST”.


Open command prompt and type G: to change directory to G drive.
 Now type cacls Personal /e /p everyone:n
 You will get a command- processed dir: E:TEST
 Now click on TEST folder.
We get a popup saying you don’t currently have permission to access this folder.
Now you can’t open this folder, can’t delete/copy/move/rename.
If you click on continue.
Now what? Surely your parents will click on close. (I assume they don’t know how to change permissions of a folder).

Huge Thumbs Up

Your content in this folder is safe now.
Step 4: How to gain permissions again.
This time type cacls Personal /e /p everyone:f


Now you have got all permissions of this folder. You can open this folder (when no one is at home :p)
Understand these commands-
cd- Change Directory
cacls- Change Access Control Lists
/e- edit
/p- permissions
everyone- every user



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