How to Find Duplicate or Unique Value in Excel with Conditional Formatting

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Hello ITKians 
Whenever you work on excel, you want to sort duplicate value but not easily get because of lack of excel knowledge
  In today’s Excel tutorial I am teaching you to find out Duplicate or Unique value from the excel sheet
For Tutorial I create a sample sheet in which I write some duplicate number.


    1.    First select the whole column in which you want to find duplicate value.
   2.    Now Click on Conditional Formatting tab and do as shown in below image.
   3.    Choose Either Duplicate or Unique value from drop down list in which you want to apply formatting and in “Value with” field select the output type. either you want duplicate value highlighted with blue black or any color and format you want. (Use coustom for your choice formatting)
   4.    I choose “Duplicate” value which is highlighted with “Light red fill with dark red text” .  Now you see all duplicate value Highlighted with Light red fill with Dark red text
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