How to Protect excel file with password

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Hi everyone, This is your new Author Vishal Today i am sharing with you a a security feature of excel.

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Many people are using excel software for their general routine and basic requirement. because these are very friendly and easy software to maintain our data. Few item we need to protect our data from other people for personal/official reason. this video will explain how to protect your excel file with easiest way in few click.

How to Protect Excel File is east steps

Step 1) Open Excel sheet or file.

Step 2) Fill your data on excel file

Step 3) After complete your work press F12 or Ctrl+S to save your file.

Step 4) Click on Tools on left side of save button. then go to General options

Step 5) input your password to open this file again and modify again. ( You can give permission to view in public without press any password in open section or you can use different password for different activity.)

Step 6)  Click ok then first press your password which are fill for re enter and press ok again and re enter your password for modification . Now simple save your file and then close and open again.

Finally now it’s ask for password and your complete data protect.

Hope this small information works a lot for you and save your time as we

if any issue, please comment below

Video tutorial