Find your Lost mobile with google

Find lost mobile with Google
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Hello ITK’NS 

Today  I am sharing a fantastic article which show the Google power.

If your phone stolen or loose you can track your android phone 
Don’t panic because Google give you facility to track you phone and many more
If you have a Android phone. So you can Trace your phone location as well as erase your data.

1. GPS (Location) should on in your android device

2. Login in Google from that ID which is use Primary in your Android device

1. Sign in Google and Open Google play.

2. When Google Play is open in LHS click on Setting button and click on “ANDROID DEVICE MANAGER”.  After click on it it prompt again sign in window input password and sign in again

3. This type of window will open Now you can whatever you want to do with your Android device from given Option.

4. Option detail as below