NASA build a “HOME” in deep space for Astronaut by recycling old Cargo Container

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Universe is never ending destination it has many mysterious thing, that why NASA tied their shoes for finding new thing in universe it is Interesting news for all, NASA will soon build a “home” in deep space for Astronaut by recycling old Cargo Container.

NASA build a HOME in deep space for Astronaut by recycling old Cargo Container-IT KEEDA

NASA very soon develop a Home for astronaut habit in deep space that will help astronaut for long distance travelling in deep space. This “Home” is made by old CARGO CONTAINER by recycling it. It is equipped with all Necessary items and Luxuries with life support system.

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For this project American company LOCKEED MARTIN is designing and made this. This is made with 15 years old aluminium Cargo Container Donatello. During 1990 it was used for sending heavy equipment in space.

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After recycling cargo container room will be built inside it as well as it equipped with all eatables and daily uses things that will help astronaut health in long distance travelling.

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Right now astronaut live in international space center for research. It is situated om Earth’s lower orbit. Although on regular basis all living needs are fulfilled from time to time.

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In this NASA project Astronaut will spend one year time in dark side or another side of the moon. This Experimental project will start in 2020 after taking experience of this NASA will probably go for MARS mission in which Astronaut will go to MARS