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1. The Amazing Post:

Amazing Posts

Amazing Posts is a multi-niche Blogging website all about Interesting facts, News, Knowledge, reviews etc. We share unique & interesting knowledge which you do not know & wish to know about.

2. Squawkchic :


Squawkchic is a multi-niche Blogging website where you get all information regarding fashion, technology, lifestyle, health, business, travel, education.

The specialty of content that you can discover here is a matter of fact, innovation, a way of life, design, travel, games, and wellbeing; don’t these cover nearly everything identified with our regular day to day existences? Provided that this is true, at that point you are on the correct page to assemble data about everything most recent and remarkable identified with these specialties through our day by day dosages of articles posted on it.

2. Gyan Share:

Gyan Share


Gyan Share is a health and beauty related site. Gyan share delivers authentic, well-researched content on major lifestyle diseases such as diabetes, cancer, hypertension, obesity, autoimmune diseases etc. Moreover, Gyan Share updates you about beauty tips as well.

3. Lynnai Style:

Lynnai Style


Lynnai Style is a health and beauty blog, using natural and homemade remedies. It promotes beauty care through DIY (Do it yourself) tips and health facts through healthy living lifestyles. Nature is the soul and body purifiers filled with organic substances. The natural organic remedy is the heart for health and beauty empire! Hence, there would be no beauty without health and thus, health and beauty go hand in hand.

4. Newslog



Newslog is a multi-niche blogging website. In this website, you’ll get News about Bollywood stars, accidents, politicians & tips on health, reviews of movies and games/apps. We share updates about technology, too. We always try to give you our best and satisfied content. I hope you like to read our articles on our website