Run 2 WhatsApp in One Mobile 2016 New (Root Required)

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How to install dual Whatsapp how to run Whatsapp two accounts. Don’t worry. 

As, we will be showing how to use dual Whatsapp account in one android phone.

In this method, We will use 2 lines for Whatsapp for purpose of dual Whatsapp account in android phone

Before running 2 lines for Whatsapp in android phone, you need to ROOT your android phone

Steps to Setup multiple Whatsapp via 2 Lines for Whatsapp

1. First of all, Download 2 Lines for Whatsapp from here Click Here

2. Once, you have successfully installed 2 lines for Whatsapp in your android phone.

3. Open 2 Lines for Whatsapp in your android phone.

4. Now, grant Super SU permissions to this app. (It will ask for pop up, Just click on Grant)

5. Click on Add a new line for Whatsapp

6. Add, your number there and Enjoy Dual Whatsapp account in android phone for free.

I am Also used this in My phone look here 

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Nice information .thank you so much.How To Run Dual WhatsApp In One Android Phone

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