Breaking: Security Threat From Chinese Mobile, Government To Check Before Sale!

Yes its Exclusive: Security threat from Chinese mobile, government to check before sale!

You Must be thinking Why India is doing this now! Why not before, So we have the Answer. Cross border heat is tempting on the Buzz and diplomatic relations, which we can smell from the recent news updates of Army and Indian Media reports. So why not verify every Chinese Product before selling it in India, As many more countries does.

Indian Govt Chinies Mobiles
Indian Govt Chinese Mobiles

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The government has taken a firm stand against smartphones and feature phones, especially in China. It is reported from source that Chinese products can be examined before sale in India.

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Products made in China will be placed on the radar of cyber security. According to sources, telecom ministry is working on this policy.

Bug testing in China made in China will be specially done. The news is that sales of phones made in China will not be without security stamps. For security stamps mobile phones have to go through bugs checking and cyber security testing face.

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The government is in talks with IT companies to develop security software for the investigation of Chinese products. So When you Get new smartphone, you double make sure that your phone is compliance with Government Norms and Security check. Happy Weekend Folks!

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