Hide secret message in Image (Send secret message thru image no software needed)

How to Send secret message thru image

Hello reader i am back with new very interesting and useful tricks in which you Send secret message thru image. With this trick you can delivered your secret message in open but no one can figure out message behind in image that will help you to delivered your message to your recipients.

For this tricks no software nor any third party tool we used. We only use powerful Command prompt (CMD)

How to Send secret message thru image

For this trick you need only two things

  1. A txt file or Notepad file in which you written your secret message
  2. An image file in which you hide your Notepad secret message

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Step for Send secret message thru image


  1. Write your message in notepad and save it in any of your Hard disk drive
  2. Choose any image in which you want to send secret message put in same directory in which you save your notepad
  3. Open CMD and navigate to that directory in which both files are and run this Command copy /b imagename.jpg + filename.txt Outputimage.jpg
  4. You see an another image files is create in Drive
  5. Now if you want to see the secret message open image in Notepad or Notepad++
  6. Your secret message show as per below image now send it to any one.

You see your secret message are hidden in image no one can think about it and you safely send your message to your friends.


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