Using list in MS Excel

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Today I am going to tell you about a wonderful feature of MS Excel. Do you know we can create a list in excel, It can be used by many ways, but I will give you an example of an attendance sheet.

Following are the simple steps to understand about the same :-

Step 1- First of all we have to make a table, which contained name of the students/employees and days of attend class/office.

As I created tables and write down the employees name and day of attendance.

Step 2- Then after write down some abbreviations of attendance initials in other worksheet((Source table)), as I created in sheet2:

It will be display after whole process by clicking any cell.

Step 3 –After create source table, again goto the sheet1 and select whole cells which required these source table values and select Data validation option in Data tab:

After click on data validation , click on the list option from “Allow” drop down list.

Step 4- Then after select source from the source table and hit OK:

Step 5- Go back to the sheet1 and select the values from drop down list.

Drop down list will be appear as shown in green box and if value entered other then the source table, It will popup the error message as in red box…..

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