Using PrintScreen button with Alt key For selected area

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Hi Friends,

Mostly all users are aware of “PrintScreen”  button. If anyone doesn’t know about it, don’t worry, I am going to tell you the same. 😉
·         It is used to capture screenshot of the current desktop and windows.
·         By hitting this button your windows screen will be copy. You can paste it to the MSpaint . Now you are able to view what you have been copied.
But it will capture whole screen to the MSpaint.
·         If you want to print single active windows, then you need to use “Alt+PtrScr” for print a single windows.
For example, if you want to capture only google chrome screenshot then just click on the chrome and press “Alt+PtrScr” . It will appear only google chrome windows as follow:-

So friend this is the little thing to say but very useful information to time consuming during doing different tasks.
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((: Cheers :))

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