What is Whatsapp Two-Step Verification and How to enable this


Hello to all, As you know their is billion active users of  WhatsApp. So Whatsapp Update its app regular interval of time. In terms of security Whatsapp Use End-to-End Encryption in this even Whatsapp can not read chat between Sender and Receiver.

Their is an another Security features Two-Step Verification which is available for Beta tester user. Benefits of Beta tester you get early update from Whatsapp from that ready to arrive. If you want to a Beta tester Click here and Become a beta tester

What is Whatsapp Two-Step Verification

In Two-Step Verification you set a 6 digit password which secure your whatsapp in 2 level. Suppose you reinstall your Whatsapp after your number verification it also ask 6 digit Two-Step Verification code for complete the installing Whatsapp. For more know about Read here 

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How to Enable Whatsapp Two-Step Verification

  1. In Whatsapp go to Setting -> Two-Step Verification -> Enable
  2. Set 6 Digit PassCode and click next Confirm your PassCode
  3. It asking for your Email id input your Email id and confirm it then save
  4. Click on Done for completing the process
  5. If you want to Disable it go Setting -> Two-Step Verification -> disable

Now your Whatsapp Two-Step Verification is enable after this whenever you install your whatsapp it ask for Whatsapp Two-Step Verification passcode.


Hope this Information Help you know more about WhatsApp and its features. Keep visit IT KEEDA and Contact Us for any query.

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