Wire Less Mobile PC data transfer (without using USB cable)

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Many of use using  Mobile and PC. If we wish Mobile PC data transfer we use USB cable or Data cable.  Today i will tell you How you can Wire Less Mobile PC data transfer (without using USB cable)

Mobile pc data transfer

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Things You need :- 

  1. ES file Explorer (Download From Play store)
  2. Same Network connection (In Both PC & MOBILE)

Same network connection  means your computer and your mobile are connected on same network like you use your WiFi dongal connect in your PC and also connect your mobile thru WiFi or In your office connect same Network WiFi connection in which your PC is connect.

Steps to follow for Wire Less Mobile PC data transfer :-

  1. After Download ES file explorer open it
  2. Go to this icon     ->Network->Remote manager
  3. You see your Network name in below Network Status Click on Turn on And you see and IP address like this pc data transfer
  4. Open My Computer and write your IP address in above address bar and press enterMobile pc data transfer
  5. Now you see your all Mobile data shown in Your Computer now you can  transfer Wire Less Mobile PC data.Mobile pc data transfer


By default its setting set to Your phone memory you can change memory location and you can also set user name and password for Accessing your FTP just click on setting and change according to your need for Transfer data without USB cableMobile pc data transfer


Hope you create this FTP server for Data transfer without using Data cable or USB cable

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