Convert magnet link to direct download || 1 Killer technique

Howdy, guys !! today we cover the topic How to convert magnet link to direct download and stream torrent movies online“. 

This is not difficult as you think several online sites offer to convert the torrent magnetic link to direct.

What is a Magnet link?

A magnet link is a type of hyperlink that enables the downloading of files and data from P2P sharing networks, particularly torrent networks.

It works in a serverless environment and contains all the information a torrent client requires to download a specific file.

The magnet link looks as follows


Benefits of downloading thru magnet link

As I Practically observe that if we download torrents through magnet link it downloads faster than through Utorrent or bit torrent software.

Also, it can download low-health torrents (Not all) which we are unable to download or download at very low speed.

Convert magnet link to direct download

Now comes the topic of How to direct download torrent files. It is not as difficult as you think.

Here We convert magnet links to direct links through the website SEEDR  which gives you 2GB space initially and Unlimited bandwidth as a free member you can earn free space up to 2-3 GB extra will tell you how further.

In a free plan, you can add one file at a time another file will add after the first file collects seeds and is ready to download.

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Step By Step Guide to Convert magnet link to direct download

  • Open SEEDR and Register yourself first. Either register with your mail or your FB login.Seeder registration
  • After registration, a confirmation mail will arrive in your mail click on activation and activate your seeder account.
  • You will see the Seeder dashboard and space where you see the written paste link URL here you paste the magnet URL.Convert magnet link to direct download || 1 Killer technique
  • Now Go to any torrent site here I use extra torrent. ag or you can use a torrent site (Use VPN or Tor browser to access if blocked in your country) and copy any file magnet URL. You will see a magnet icon right-click on it and copy the link and paste it into the seeder and click on the + sign.convert magnet link to direct downloadConvert magnet link to direct download || 1 Killer technique
  • You see a folder with your torrent file name will appear after collecting all seeds from the torrent now it is ready to download click on the Download icon its starting download., it will download in compressed folder formconvert magnet link to direct download

Note:- If the torrent is Block in your country you can open torrent thru VPN or TOR BROWSER for Mobile and PC

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Download thru IDM

When you click on the download icon in the seeder it will start a download indirect in your browser.

Open the download page of your browser and right-click on a downloading file and copy the download link and paste it into IDM and click on start download.

Using Seeder thru Chrome Extension

You can also use the SEEDR chrome extension to download and add torrents in SEEDR thru on click add


Go to the torrent site right click on the magnet link you will see ADD TO SEEDER click on it the file will add to the seeder.

Using Seedr Thru Android app

Seedr also has an android app by which you can download torrents through seeder all steps are the same as above.


How to earn more space

Free members of Seeder get 2GB of space first but you can earn around an extra 2-3GB in your free membership account. My free account has now 5.5Gb space 😛 

Earn free space

If you have Twitter and Pinterest accounts share the seeder link with the short review you will get 500Mb.

If you are a blogger writing posts on seeder you will get 500-1000MB According to your article quality. Hope I will get 1000MB 😉 Earn free space thru sharing seeder

You can also earn by referring your Seeder account link with your friend when your friend will join seeder by your link you both will get 500 MB. It is limited to up to 4 friends only.

Premium Plan

If you like it and want to buy their premium plan without any limitations they have three plans.

  3. SEEDR MASTERSeeder Premium Plan


How to Stream torrented movies online

After Adding the magnet link in the seed it looks like a folder as shown in the above image just double-click on that folder and play the Movies. For more clarification see the below Short video. 

convert magnet link to direct download
Stream torrent movies online

Ending note

Hope friends like this and also use seeder for converting magnet link to direct download if this article helps you give your comments in the comment section.

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