How to detect a good CMS developer 

The role of CMS developer includes coping with content management systems, or the software that exists to store, work together, distribute, and input various types of information.

To date, the most popular CMS are WordPress, OpenCart, and Magento. They serve one purpose — but in a different way. And so, once you hire a developer specialized in CMS, you should know what request. We are here to help you understand what to expect from a top web developer specialized in CMS.

WordPress development service

WordPress is the most popular and loved CMS. And there’s no surprise: this platform is known for great effectiveness, customization, and room for SEO optimization.

Even though WordPress seems easy-to-use, the task of building a truly intuitive software product on its basis is tough. That’s why you should expect these things from your web developer:

  • Framework overview: the IT specialist should consider loading speed, usability, along with consistency between back-end and front-end functions, 
  • SEO optimization: ability to work with pre-set plugins for better user experience
  • Customization: the platform supports numerous plugins a hired specialist should be
    aware of
  • Clean coding and design: consistency in documentation and website logic is a must.

OpenCart development service

OpenCart is a great CMS choice for eCommerce purposes, thanks to its functions and integrations. Here are the exact things your web developer should do to boost your online store built on this platform:

  • Customization: enables changing the website according to your business requirements
  • API integration: the presence of a smooth gateway for payment processing,
  • Module development: in-built modules that serve extended functionality and greater
    uniqueness of your website,
  • SEO: your page should be optimized to be found in search engines,
  • Theme design: your web developer should know how to connect in-built platform themes
    with the business needs,
  • Website development: this means picking a customer-centered approach while
    delivering the website building service,
  • Maintenance and support: always hire a developer who takes care of your website and
    updates it when needed,
  • Migration: an ability to transfer your old eCommerce website to the OpenCart platform.

Where to hire a skilled CMS developer

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