How to secretly remote shut down a computer in your network | Trick

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Hello ITK’ns in our office or in school all systems are connected to a network. A system in the network is useful for file sharing and another useful thing. In today’s article, I share a trick. You can shut down any computer without physically accessing them, you have just know victim IP address.

How to know IP Address 

  • Open “Command prompt” click on “start” –> “run”. type cmd in Run window then hit “enter”
  • In Command prompt Window type “ipconfig” then hit enter
  • It displays Your IP address as well as your gateway and more.

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Follow this step to remote shut down computer in Network

1. First of all open CMD

2. When Command Prompt open Type “shutdown -i” and hit enter

Remote Shutdown
3. This Type of window will appear.
Remote Shutdown

3. Click on “Add” button and input computer name or its IP address of that computer which you want to “SHUTDOWN” or “RESTART” and you also set time to computer shutdown or restartRemote Shutdown

4.  Insert any comment which appears on “VICTIM”  computer screen For e.g, I write “bye bye !!!!!”
Remote Shutdown

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5. This type of message will appear and the victim system will restart or shutdown as per your command

Remote Shutdown

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