Make your own photo as a stickers in whatsapp in 2 mins

Facebook, the owner of the popular messaging app, WhatsApp, has recently introduced new features called “WhatsApp Stickers.” This feature has been widely loved by users and is quickly becoming a favorite.

Whatsapp sticker comes with some default stickers you can also send another sticker other than installed in WhatsApp just go to Playstore and search Whatsapp sticker you will find tons of Apps just download the app as per your wish.

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Many people including you question about own customized WhatsApp stickers or make own stickers in WhatsApp  this step by step guide is for you just follow the stepsWhatsapp stickers

Here we talk about how can you make your own photo as a sticker and use in WhatsApp just follow the steps below, before proceeding steps just check you have Whatsapp version 2.18 or above.

You Need two App to make your own photo as stickers in WhatsApp

I use Picsart to create sticker images, but you can use any app that has features for creating stickers or removing backgrounds.

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Steps to Create Own Stickers on WhatsApp

  • Open Picsart and select any photo which you want to convert into a Photo
  • Go to Tools>Crop and crop the image area which you want to convert into a stickerWhatsapp stickers
  • After cropping go to Tools>FreeCrop and mark the area of the photo that you want to as a sticker and save it in galleryWhatsapp stickers
  • Repeat the above steps for you all images and after making stickers create a Folder in your phone Gallery by My sticker or any name that you want and move all stickers from the By default Picsart folder to that folder so you can easily find your stickers in one folder
  • Open Personal Sticker for Whatsapp App you see many folders that contain images in your phone select My Sticker folder and add to Whatsapp, Remember you have at least 3 stickers in a folder to add.Whatsapp stickers
  • Now go to Whatsapp and open Contact and go to the Sticker section you see the My Sticker section in which you have your sticker now send your own customized stickerWhatsapp stickers


So, friends, I hope you learn how to make your own images as Whatsapp Sticker and use it to share this article with your friends don’t forget to Like this article

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