The Technology Behind Online Casinos

In the last couple of years, online casinos have had a massive breakthrough. Their sites are becoming more popular each day and millions of people go online to enjoy some of the latest casino games. They are climbing towards the top very fast, which is why experts believe that online casinos will become the biggest profit makers in the gambling industry in the next two years.

And the statistics are proving that. In 2019, the global revenue made by online casinos was over $60 billion, while the total revenue made from all gambling facilities was approximately $400 billion. Research shows that by 2020, the annual revenue made from online casinos will top $100 billion and it will make them a market leader. 

The technology used to power online casinos is pretty fascinating. Because of that, we felt obliged to share a few stories on this topic and explain how technology helps online casinos work without any mistake. Let’s check them out.

The Technology Behind Online Casinos


At the heart of online casinos lie the games. Some of the best game providers in the world are constantly creating high-quality games that will exceed the player’s expectations. Their work has been praised numerous times. Microgaming, Pragmatic Play, PlayNGo, Evolution, and QuickSpin. One interesting fact about these providers is that Microgaming created the first casino software in 1994 and then the first mobile casino software in 2004.

The two most popular games at online casinos are slots and blackjack. While slots and its rules are simple, the blackjack rules are a bit more complicated. Nevertheless, they are fun to play. Other popular games include Texas Hold’Em and roulette.

Security and Fair Play

One of the biggest concerns that people had with online casinos was security. They were almost certain that these sites are not trustworthy enough to leave sensitive information. That’s why online casinos invested a lot of money in security. Artificial intelligence in the form of SSL-encryption helped their sites to become one of the most secure in the online world. This encryption software collects all of the data from the players and turns it into vines of unbreakable code. To make things even better, online casinos allow its players to use aliases to keep their anonymity.

The other form of artificial intelligence used at online casinos is RNG or Random Number Generators. RNGs are enforcing fair-play by making random outcomes of each game. That way, every player has an equal chance of winning a prize.

The Technology Behind Online Casinos


All of the features at online casinos would be useless if their sites are not optimized. IT teams made sure that online casinos have a fast response time so that every player can enjoy the games without any lag. This is extremely handy, especially with the live casino games. 

Their sites are also optimized for mobile use and some of the online casinos even developed apps for a better experience. The best part about mobile casinos is that you don’t need a gaming phone to enjoy these games. There are many low-budget smartphones which will provide you with equal experience. 

Why Do People Favour Online Casinos?

Lastly, we wanted to explain in short notes why people love online gaming. Apart from the advanced technology that we just elaborated, people are favouring online casinos over land-based casinos for multiple other reasons. Casino sites are open 24/7/365, they have better payout percentages than land-based casinos, hold regular promotions, have hundreds of games in their vaults, and offer multiple electronic payment methods.

Some of them even accept cryptocurrencies. Online casinos also have tournaments, Loyalty Programs, Welcome Bonuses, etc. All in all, they are far more rewarding than land-based casinos.

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