Download paid app free trick

Hello ITK’ians, today i will share you Download paid app free trick. Many of us uses lot of Android app for our fun, learning or for anything. Some of apps…

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How to Send secret message thru image

Hide secret message in Image (Send secret message thru image no software needed)

Hello reader i am back with new very interesting and useful tricks in which you Send secret message thru image. With this trick you can delivered your secret message in…

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How to prevent any one to change desktop

How to prevent any one to change your Desktop Wallpaper

Hello Reader’s   Some time when you Put your favorite pic as a desktop wallpaper and your brother or sister or Any other person change the wallpaper. You feel like  🙁 …

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Using PrintScreen button with Alt key For selected area

Hi Friends, Mostly all users are aware of “PrintScreen”  button. If anyone doesn’t know about it, don’t worry, I am going to tell you the same. 😉 ·         It is…

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How to change window “WELCOME” Message to your own text

Hello ITKians Sometime when you logon your Computer its always greet you with the message “WELCOME” Is your ever think about to change the Welcome message to your own Name…

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hide Folderwith DOS

Hides File or Folder With DOS (Very Secure way to hide your file)

Now day we save many of our personal things in computer Like photos, videos etc.  We don’t willing to share some thing With parents or anyone else Today I will…

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How To Change Your Background In The Logon Screen

Hello friends 🙂  How are you allHope you all are fine ☺today I will Tell you how to change your window logon backgroundyeah 🙂 i know this is interestingFollow the following steps1….

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Facebook Shortcut keys.

Hi Guys,  How are you all??  Previously we have discussed about shortcut keys for MS-Office and Windows. I hope it helped us to work on PC very quickly and easily.Now…

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HOW TO USE THIS TRICK TO TASKBUCKS APP   Hi friends today i share a trick to get unlimited talk time on your number just follow these step and earn unlimited money..  Share…

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Some Useful FullForm (Computer Related)

Hello ITKians 🙂 Today I Share with you some Useful full form Download Excel File for Full Forms CLICK HERE

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