Unsubscribe all spam subscription notification mail

How to unsubscribe all spam subscription notification mail from your mail (Free)

Hello dear reader hope you learn new thing and tricks from IT KEEDA. So lets start today valuable article. Are you every frustrated spam or unnecessary mail in your inbox….

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Auto reply in Gmail

How to send Auto Reply in Gmail When Your Not In office or In Vacation

Hello Readers,                This article is very helpful for those who get lot of email in office. What will they do if the are not…

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Your user services have been Terminated You cant login ur account(Solved)

1. Open Your Computer in Safe mode by pressing F8  continuously before booting till you not see below window .अपने कंप्यूटर को  सेफ मोड में खोले ।  सेफ मोड में खोलने…

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