Collect Emails from Google- Email Collection method for E-mail Marketing


Hello ITK’ians See you after a long time. In today’s topic i telling you how you can get numbers of email from google for Email marketing purpose. Email marketing is a now trendy and reliable option for boost your business services or sale.

Email marketing help to reach more and more people direct to their inbox, But we need email for email marketing many of  Digital Marketing company needs email for this. Now Question is how we can collect email id for free ?? 

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On a simple way we collect Email Id from google just we need below two thing 

If you dont have a google Chrome browser download from above link and install if you already have than second step is download Email extractor extension from Chrome web store by clicking above link. After downloading Extension it appears like this in your chrome browser 

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After downloading and installing both of now we do start method of collection emails ids just follow below simple steps

  • Open Google.com in Google homepage their is an setting option in bottom of page in right hand side. Click on setting > Search Setting
  • Select slider 10 to 100 of Result per page option and click on save.
  • Now come on Google home page and search “Email Ids” Results will show and you see your Email extension grab all emails ids from the page and now you can copy Email ids and paste in your excel sheet for Email Marketing.
  • Now go to 2nd page of google and grab email id form their and paste in your excel file and place a formula for duplicacy in emails for preventing duplicate emails
  • You can use different Search terms for getting email ids or you can chose any other region to get email ids it as per your preference. This Email Extractor Extension grab email id from the web page whether it is google search result or any other page.

Hope this article help to getting Emails ids in easy way and help to you collecting email ids. If you find this article helpful share with your friends Thanks keep in touch with us

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