How to Upload Contacts In Google Contacts (Excel)

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Google gives us facility to upload your saved contacts in Google contacts which is associated with your android mobile Account

Sometime many of you would think how to upload your saved contacts in your google contacts but due to lack of knowledge you can’t do this. You have hundreds of contacts which you want to add in you contact list but it take many more time to saved contact one by one. With this facility you upload Thousands of your saved contacts within 5 mins

Today I will tell you how to upload your Contacts to Google Contacts.

 Here I will tell upload your contacts with Csv file which is another file format of Excel.

First of all you need a Csv format to upload

Download Csv file from here.

I upload a “TEST CONTACT” name contact in My Google contacts for example. 

Follow the steps

     1.     Sign in with your Googlel account which is Sync with your Phone

     2.     Click on “Contacts” as per shown in Below images


     3.     Click on “MORE” then “IMPORT” the select v Card or CSV” it will say to switching google old contact click on “GO TO OLD CONTACT


     4.     It switch to Google old contacts. Click on “MORE”and then “IMPORT” then browse the Csv file and then “Upload”


     5.     After uploading Sync your contacts in your mobile and you see all you contact which is uploaded successfully shown in your contacts list. I upload “TEST CONTACT” 

Hope this will help to save your time.

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