Pivot App Earn $500 Daily With Payment Proof, Best Money Making App


Pivot App: Today we going to know about the viral Pivot App. We will discuss everything with screenshots for better understands. What if one application gives you a chance to earn $500 per day?

Is it a joke? $500 from a single application?

Nah! How it possible?

But in reality, it is possible now through Pivot App. Privot is bitcoin base application, you will earn bitcoins through this app & then you will convert it into your local currency through Paypal or other digital wallets.

What is Pivot App & How to earn money from it?

Pivot is a company from China for cryptocurrency investors. Pivot App has received investment from Binance and other famous cryptocurrency exchangers. Hundreds of startups and hundreds of business leaders of the blockchain industry have opened their official accounts in Pivot App.

Download you Pivot App Now

Pivot App is 100% legit and here are some payment proofs.

How to Join the Pivot App?

1. First of All Click here: Join Pivot

2. Now you get a screen like this. Sign in with your Google account

3. Now it downloads the application

4. After download, the Pivot App open it and Log in with the same google account.


Cheers! you successfully join the Pivot family.

How to Earn from the Pivot App?

1. Click on the triangle as shown in the picture.

2. Here you get lots of news, click on any news read & share for power.

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3. Here you get 2 option Get Read Power and Share for Power

4. Click on Get Read Power and you will get 100 powers.

Now the question is what’s this power? Where our bitcoins?
Every 24h your power will convert into Bitcoin. So don’t worry you will get your bitcoin next day on your wallet.

5. Click on Share for Power and get more Power.

This is one method. Another method is to write an article or share a link.

6. Click on this ✏ symbol.

7. Then you get two option “Post” or “Link”

8. Click on Post

9. Now choose a community

10. Then click on Post.

Hurry! you successfully post an article.
Now when someone upvotes you or get their daily bonus through your post, you will be rewarded. You can post unlimited posts here.

And the last but not the list method: Invite your friends.

1. Click on invite

Through referring or inviting on Pivot App you can earn 10,000 power +10% of the power you friends earn daily.

This is your profile menu, here you can see the bonus pool, the time when the pool will end & your power.

How You Will Get Your Daily Bonus Share From 4 BTC?

POWER is the certificate of “Daily BTC Bonus”, which decides how much BTC Bonus you can get every day. For example, if 40000 POWER is distributed to all users in one day, and user A gets 400 POWER, then he/she will get 1% of the BTC in the bonus pool of this day, which is 0.04BTC ≈ 260.48USD.


Pivot App really offer you an amazing chance to earn money without doing any hard works. I just love this app. I think this app will introduce many more things.

What do you think about it?
Let me know in the comment section.

Thank You.

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