What are the Pros and Cons of a Career in Digital Marketing?

With the world going digital, how can marketing afford to stick to conventional ways? If there’s one thing that modern marketers have recently realized, it is that the majority of their audience is “online”. Today, there are around 5.11 billion smartphone users, 4.39 billion Internet users, and 3.48 billion social media users in the world!

The increasing reliance on digital devices, social media platforms, and online portals has made it imperative for modern marketers to rethink their marketing strategies to include digital channels.


As a result, Digital Marketing has emerged as a lucrative career option with high-paying job roles. This, in turn, has driven the growth of Digital Marketing Certifications as more and more youngsters are steering towards this field.

Why is Digital Marketing gaining traction in the marketing industry?

  1. Captures the target audience

Digital Marketing strategies allow you to identify customers who need and could benefit from your products/services. Thus, you target your marketing strategies toward acquiring the right audience base.

  1. Offers increased exposure

Unlike traditional marketing techniques, Digital Marketing strategies are not bound by physical boundaries. With digital platforms, you can reach out to a broad audience base, nationally or internationally.

  1. Is cost-effective

Digital Marketing services are extremely cost-efficient – while you invest only a little, the returns it offers are huge. So, instead of spending a ton of money on advertising, you get to invest your resources on other areas like product innovation, brand expansion, etc.

  1. Boosts client-brand interaction

Digital platforms have empowered people with a voice. They can speak out about their likes, dislikes, opinions, and experiences on these platforms. So, when you connect with people via digital platforms, they interact with you and speak about your brand via comments, likes, and shares. This enhances your brand credibility.

Pros and Cons of a Career in Digital Marketing

There is no doubt regarding the fact that Digital Marketing is a highly promising career option today. But, the crucial question is – Is it the right career option for you? To find an answer to this question, let’s weigh the pros and cons of a Digital Marketing career!


  1. Dynamic career possibilities

One of the greatest things about Digital Marketing is that you can choose from a range of flexible and progressive job roles in the industry depending on what best suits your skillset.

There are plenty of options to choose from such as Digital Marketing Manager, Social Media Marketer, Analytics Manager, CRM & Email Marketing Manager, Content Strategist, SEO & SEM Specialist, UX Designer, and IoT Specialist, to name a few.

The rapid adoption of Digital Marketing across industries is driving job growth in this domain. In fact, there will be around 1,50,000 job vacancies in Digital Marketing by 2020,

but not enough skilled professionals to fill those positions. This is the golden opportunity to acquire Digital Marketing skills and present those skills in front of reputed companies.

  1. High demand and less supply equal remarkably high salaries

Just as we said in the point above, while the demand for Digital Marketing professionals is at an all-time high, there aren’t enough talented professionals in the field. As a result, anyone with the right skill set for Digital Marketing jobs is highly valued in the industry.

If potential employers find worthy candidates who can take over their Digital Marketing wing, they are willing to shell out a lot of money to acquire talent.

For instance, Payscale maintains that a Digital Marketing Manager earns Rs. 5,14,762 p.a. Freshers who bag jobs in reputed companies may earn anywhere between Rs. 3,50,000 – 6,00,000 p.a. Experienced professionals in Digital Marketing earn around Rs. 10,00,000 – 19,00,000 p.a.

What are the Pros and Cons of a Career in Digital Marketing?

  1. No strict educational requirements

Anyone, from any educational background, can enter the Digital Marketing world. You don’t need flashy educational qualifications – a plain graduate degree will do.

The only thing required to enter in this field is a Digital Marketing Certification from an accredited institution. Once you obtain this and if you are a natural with people and communication, you’re golden!

  1. Spread your reach anywhere in the world

Traditional marketing techniques are primarily limited by physical boundaries. Usually, if you wish to expand your brand globally through conventional marketing techniques, you will need to spend a truckload of money.

Digital Marketing has no such limitations – you can sit at your office or in the comfort of your home and still reach your brand to millions of people across the globe.

That’s the power of digital channels. So, you can be a successful Digital Marketer even without having to travel to different places and spending money on brand promotion through workshops, conferences, etc. You can do it all through a few clicks on your mobile, laptop, or PC!


  1.  Lack of structure

Digital Marketing has gained popularity only recently, and hence, it lacks a proper infrastructure or foundational rules. Anyone with a Digital Marketing Certification thinks that they are capable of offering Digital Marketing services to clients. But the truth is, if you don’t have a proper understanding of Digital Marketing concepts and tools, you will fail to deliver to your clients, and ultimately, your Digital Marketing career will go nowhere.

The absence of standardization or best practices in the field has created a disorganized and disoriented digital space replete with many dissatisfied customers.

marketing research

  1. Time-Consuming

The job of Digital Marketers mostly involves research – market research, consumer research, research on the success of company marketing strategies, etc. Also, Digital Marketers spend a significant portion of their working hours online (sometimes even more than ten hours!).

The job is highly demanding of your time and balancing your life and work might become an uphill battle.

How to Start a Career in Digital Marketing?

As we mentioned before, to kick-start a successful career in Digital Marketing, you don’t need much. You just need a Bachelor’s degree (any specialization will work) and a Digital Marketing Certification from a top institute.

Taking up a Digital Marketing course is the best way to learn about the emerging field since these adopt a step-by-step approach to learning – you start with the fundamental concepts, and then you move on to the advanced ones.

What are the Pros and Cons of a Career in Digital Marketing?

You are trained through expert mentors who guide you through every step of the journey. Furthermore, you get plenty of networking opportunities with industry leaders and people from diverse academic and professional fields.

Overall, a Digital Marketing course is an excellent way to break the ice and shape your Digital Marketing career!

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