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Hello to all we connected to the internet where we use many websites according to our need. We mostly use Google use for our search query and its widely and most popular search engine around the world.

Google has also interesting trick which I already share with you in this blog hope you read it and used it

If we want to watch an online video we use YouTube most as compare to another website. I will tell you 4 cool and interesting YouTube Hidden tricks.

Read more :- I bet You never seen this type of Googles search Experience before

  • Add “lean back” after YouTube URL, for example, you will redirect to Youtube Tv.
  • In YouTube search type “use the force luke” without quote and hit enter you will see a drunken YouTube 😀


  • In YouTube search type “doge meme” without quote and hit enter you will see a color full YouTube


  • 4. When select full view screen option in YouTube you unable to do another task on your computer to use this small trick which shows full view as well as you able to do another task as well.
for example :-    replace  /watch?v= with /v/  then hit enter



For More Clarification watch below Video

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