11 Amazing Google Search Tricks

11 Amazing Google Search Tricks

Hello to All. Today i am telling you some Amazing Google Search Tricks. As you know google is big giant search engine. We get our most of the questions answer in just one click. So today we search some interesting search result in google for fun. Lets start.

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11 Amazing Google Search Tricks

1. Want your search result in italic way or Tilt Just search “ASKEW”

Amazing Google Search Tricks

2.Now want to see Some “O” eating your search result Search “ZERG RUSH”

Amazing Google Search Tricks


3.Now play game in Google images window go to Google images and Search “ATARI BREAKOUT”

Amazing Google Search Tricks

4.Want to set a timer in Google search “FOUR MINUTE TIMER” write any number you want in place of FOUR

Amazing Google Search Tricks

5.Did you know how Google window look like in 1998 ?? Search “GOOGLE IN 1998” and see Google old pageAmazing Google Search Tricks

6.Play one of the famous in google search “PACMAN” and play Amazing Google Search Tricks

7.Going to play a cricket match a no coin in pocket for toss just open google and Search “FLIP A COIN” for toss.

8.Search “ROLL A DICE” Amazing Google Search Tricks

9.Google also tell animal voices just search “WHAT DOES THE <ANIMAL NAME> SAY”Amazing Google Search Tricks

10.One of my favorite search if Gmail is block in your office but you want to know recent mail you just sign in google and search “MY RECENT MAIL” it show recently received mailAmazing Google Search Tricks

11. Last but not least very helpful for Write number in words just search “ANY NUMBER =ENGLISH” in place of any number type number you want to in words like “9999 =ENGLISH” it shoes words result of that numberAmazing Google Search Tricks


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