Top 5 Websites to chat anonymously with Random People


Are you searching Top 5 Websites to chat anonymously with Random People so you are in right place at right time. Being anonymous makes us feel very open to speaking. It brings confidence in you or removes the barrier of hesitation. Anonymous basically is about not revealing the identity of a person. So you can speak with anyone without revealing your identity. 

How does it help? The opposite person doesn’t know about you completely. On some sites even your name, your profession, etc. It will help you to speak your heart like sharing problems, discussing a topic. It can also help you to build your network. You can make friends all over the world, which can help you build your professional network or personal life. So we have brought you the top 5 sites to chat anonymously with random people. 

Top 5 Websites to chat anonymously

  • Chatroulette

Chatroulette is one of the best sites on the internet. We can say it is one of the best and unique sites to chat with randoms. It has more features when you for premium but of-course premium needs money. Free also has good and decent features. What makes it unique is its features such as you can send text, images, videos, and even drawings. Yes, you can draw on a blank screen with help of a mouse and send it to your opposite person

 Also, it has features where you can share your likes, dislikes, topics, and things. It will find someone for you to connect accordingly. Chatroulette also provides an advanced feature that you can select whether you want a person with a webcam or without a webcam or both. These all make it unique and the best in this market.

  • Tiny Chat

Tiny by the name but it has a large number of chat rooms. Through Tiny Chat, you can connect with your friends, families, and even strangers with a webcam. Also, you can select if you want a webcam or not. You can also join a group that is of your interest, passion, etc. So that you can connect all over the world through room chats.

One drawback is there is a registration desk and you have to register yourself, you can also register yourself through Facebook, Google accounts, and as a guest login. It reveals your identity while messaging strangers privately. It also has a premium option through which you can enjoy more elite features of Tiny Chat. Also, certain things are available on site such as entertainment, comedy, gaming, hangout, night outs, etc.

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  • Zobe

Zobe is an amazing site where you don’t have to register yourself. Just select any username available on the site, select age, select gender, and you are allowed to enter into the site. When you enter the site you could see a panel divided into two. The left side will be the public chat and the right side will be your private chat.

On the left side, you can easily jump into chat and go with the topic going by whereas on the right side you can select anyone according to your choice and have a chat. Here comes the system, for the usage of the right panel to chat with someone. you want to have certain points i.e karma, token, etc. Which you can gain from the left side i.e public chat and you can easily chat with anyone you want to on the right panel or privately.

  • 99Rooms

99Rooms is a large number based room site. Where you can stay anonymous and chat. This website is 100% free of charges. Anybody can create a room even if you can do the same. If your selected topic interests any stranger he/she will join the room. You can also join any room of your choice and interest only if seats are available. It has 70 different types of emotes. 

Another feature which is found to be best is you can share your room anywhere i.e you can share a room on Facebook, Instagram, and anywhere on google. You can also see the number of people present in the room chat. 

  • Random Stranger Chats

Random Stranger Chats is best for you to chat with anyone randomly. Also you don’t need to spend a single penny on this site. It is completely free, free from installation and also can access all of its features without any charges. You can join the rooms which are of your common interest and also you can create your own private room, which is completely free.

Above are the top 5 sites where you can chat being anonymous and chat with a stranger, also family and friends. They are sites which you rarely know or even don’t know about it but best for you. Above are unique sites with a unique and wide variety of features. We hope you got what you wanted. Choose according to your comfort and want, pass time positively, and enjoy.

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