You wont believe these type of 8 stupidest websites are exist


In a study, there are 1.94 (In Jan 2019) billion websites in the world some are outstanding and really helpful like Google and Quora. Google is the E-teacher of today’s world.

If you don’t know any answer either it is related to Technology or Medical just search on google and you will know the answer.

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The Internet also Flooded with some useless website. We talked about here some weird and stupidest websites, after visiting them your face look like this. 

Stupidest websites on the internet

Cat Bounce

Did you see Cats bouncing on the floor ?? If not this website has a lot of Cats which are bouncing without any reason. If you make Cat rain just click on “MAKE IT RAIN”. I didn’t see any website similar to this

Bouncing cat


A website with infinity zooming image. Zoomquilt is a hypnotic, infinitely zooming image and website created by Berlin artist Nikolaus Baumgarten and a team of illustrators that weaves together a patchwork of different fantasy paintings into a single, seemingly endless shot.

Now the question is why should i see the infinity zooming image and burn my time ?? Seem useless 😆

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Eel Slap

Want to slap someone online ?? It is possible just go to this site and slap a guy with a Fish. Yes, you read right with a Fish. Now your reaction is like “What the fish”  😮 . Just Move your Mouse cursor and Slap this poor guy for without any reason.

Eel Slap

Is it Christmas

If you don’t know when is Christmas just go to this website and its tell you whether today is Christmas or not in your regional language. Thanks to this website otherwise people celebrate Christmas on different dates 🙂 Thanks to this website 😆



I can’t explain what is website and why this website made but Just a request if you are Arnold Schwarzenegger love do not open this website i request do not visit this website. Otherwise, you want to beat website owner 😐


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Pointer Pointer

If you lost your mouse pointer this website help to find it with the picture of with people pointing towards your mouse cursor on the screen. We try many time moving mouse pointer and have never seen the same picture twice. This is life-saving website 😯

Pointer Pointer

I look like Barak Obama

Don’t know why this website owner claims as he looks like Barak Obama. I think he consumes High weed and then makes this website. He is so confident. Please God, save us 😉

I look like barak obama


Oh really ?? If you do not like tomato visit website once and Read it. It exposes the Tomatoes 😆 it included recipes and game also.

Tomatoes are evil

So reader here is the list of stupidest websites which really exist on the Internet if you have more list of these type of Useless website tell us on comment section we will update the same.

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