How To Remote Control Android Device

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Are you ever remotely access or control any computer? Maybe most of the say yes thru Team Viewer or Other remote Software for PC. Are you ever remotely controlled any Android device? No na!!!In today’s article, I will tell you

How to remotely control other Android devices

How To Remote Control Android Device
How To Remote Control Android Device


Things To Remember

      1.       Your phone must be rooted
      2.       Both of the Android phones are Connected on the same network (or you can connect hotspot)


     1.       Download Remodroid from Play Store Click here
     2.       Install to your device as well as another Android in which your remote access
     3.       Open The App on both phones
     4.       Now Click on “STREAM” of the phone you want to remotely control. It gives IP information below
     5.       Now Click on “CONNECT” Another android in which you remotely access the device. 
     6.    There is an option “MANUAL CONNECTION”. Type the IP which you get from Step 4
     7.       After typing IP click on “CONNECT”. “KUDOS you see now you operate another android in your phone.
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Watch the video for more clarification

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