How to Use Pivot Table

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Hi Friends,

Today I want to share with you a very useful feature of MS Excel (i.e. PivotTable).

In Microsoft Excel, you can pivot data in a PivotTable or PivotChart report by changing the field layout of the data. By using the PivotTable Field List, you can add, rearrange, or remove fields to show data in a PivotTable or PivotChart exactly the way that you want.

Here, I am showing you, how to create, arrange and manipulate the PivotTable with a simple example:

Step 1:-
Suppose we have records of three teams(ie. A,B and C) , which contained records of their Win and loose matches. We have to find out numbers of win and loose fields of the three teams. First of all create a simple table as below:-

Step 2:- Then go to Insert tab and select PivotTable and click on it:-

Step 3:-  Select three column as per below jpeg:-

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Step 4:- After select columns , then click on OK and follow the below step:-

It will display a small window on right side of the screen. You have to select all check boxes and drag count of Win and count of loose under value box as per above jpeg. It will display count of win and loose matches. If you want to know the sum of the matches, we have to move on our next step.

Step 5:- For put out the sum of the total matches, you have to just click on the count of Win and count of loose.

    Select Value field setting and then click on sum and hit enter. You can find out average, Max or Min as well.

At last we found that the sum of the total win and loose matches will be display as following :-

It is a simple example to understand the working of PivorTable. You can summarize table as per your requirement.

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Stay blessed 🙂