Use your android as Mouse and keyboard on your PC or Laptop | Trick

Hello ITK’ians, many of you use laptops, Just suppose you do your important work and your mouse or keyboard stops working what will you do ??? So in today’s topic, I will tell you how you Use Android as Mouse and keyboard and many more options on your PC or Laptop.

Android has many uses you can use it as CCTV or as a keyboard or mouse which we know after reading this article.

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Things you need to use your android as a Mouse and keyboard

  1. Unified Remote app from the play store
  2. Unified Remote server for PC / Laptop

Step to do Use your android as a Mouse and keyboard

  • Install the Android app as well as Unified server software for PC
  • Open your Mobile hotspot and connect with your laptop or PC. (Data connection not required to open) 
  • Now go to the tray icon in your laptop as shown in the image and click on it a chrome window will open

Use your android as Mouse and keyboard on your PC or Laptop | Trick

  • Now go to the Address tab in chrome where you see an IP written as shown in the image.

Use your android as Mouse and keyboard on your PC or Laptop | Trick

  • Now open the app on mobile and click on “SERVER” click on the PLUS “+” sign and input the IP in the hostname and then click on the tick mark. You see a server is connected now on your mobile.
  • Now go to REMOTE and shows your option as you need while you use Mouse or keyboard from the basic setting or play songs from the PC

Important things

  1. If your mobile and your PC are connected to the same network so you don’t need to set a manual IP. It shows the server found just click on it and get connected. But I recommend Using your hotspot for use because it saves you Mobile internet DATA
  2. The Unified Remote PRO version is also available in the play store but you can download it free read this article to know How you download a paid app 


For more clarification watch this video

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