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Howdy Guys hope you all are well and do Techy tricks. Today I will tell you how you Convert your Android into PC look just into a second after downloading some Android apps and you don’t need to root your phone for using this app.

Apps for Convert your Android into PC look

1. Leena Desktop UI (Multiwindow)

One of the best app for using your android in PC look or interface like Desktop. Cool design easy to use. The multi-window Leena Launcher (beta) brings the desktop operating system experience to your Android device by extending Android with a native desktop user interface.

Some useful apps included with LEENA DESKTOP

  • – a native file manager app
  • – a native web browser app
  • – a native launcher app
  • – a native video player app (via file manager)
  • – a native image viewer app (via file manager)

Download a paid app free

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2. Windroid Launcher (Free)

Very useful and good launcher gives you feel like a desktop. With the control panel, it includes one of my best window i

interface app for converting your android into PC

  • Create your user
  • Take pictures directly from the desktop.
  • ScreenLock: Prevents accidental touches. It allows the entry of a password
  • Edit and view plain text files in txt format.
  • and many more

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3. Sentio Desktop

My favorite app for Converting android into PC or like laptop have a very beautiful interface like PC. Features include:

  • Start Menu
  • Task Bar with System Tray
  • Notification Center
  • Full Keyboard and Mouse Support
  • Multi-Window Framework with Sentio Apps
  • And more!

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